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Driver Applications makes the entire driver application process simple and easy for you to use with a minimum of effort on the applicant’s, as well as your own, part. Applications can be created using a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer and work equally well regardless of the device used. Once an application is created, you can review the application, and either approve it for further screening or reject the application at this point. If you approve an application for additional screening, you can quickly send a packet of forms to the applicant, who then fills them out in the same way as the application. Forms are available only after you have approved the applicant for additional screening, and are required by the Department of Transportation when you hire the applicant as a driver. Finally, you can approve the applicant for hiring, or reject them at this final step. You and the applicant are automatically kept fully informed of the process via email, saving you time and effort. The system captures electronic signatures for applications and any additional forms the applicant is asked to sign. Applications can be completed in one session, or the applicant can finish it later at their leisure. The system saves the application throughout the process. The applicant is prompted to create a password allowing them to monitor the progress of their application, as well as complete any additional forms should they be approved for further screening. If there are any gaps in employment not accounted for, the system will show you exactly where they are on a chart. It shows the applicant while they are completing the application, but it will also show you that they have unexplained gaps.

Getting Started

Driver applications are ready to use without any additional configuration or effort for you. However, you can tweak the process if you desire slightly more customization. The link to the driver application is readily available within the system. You can add the link to your existing website, perhaps as part of an “Apply Here” button. You can completely customize the emails that are sent to the applicant to handle any specific wording you might have. You can customize the emails for each step of the process.

The Application Process

Once an applicant submits their completed application, the system notifies you that there is an application to review. To evaluate an application, click on the application to go into it. You can consider the application to determine if this is someone that you want to conduct further screening for, or if you’re going to reject the application at this point.

If you reject the application, the system saves the application for two years per the DOT regulations and then deletes it automatically.

If you approve the application for additional screening, the applicant continues in the system as a driver. Per your instructions, we can run the PSP and the MVR and send to your for review. If you decide to hire the driver, you can send the driver the standard applicant form package which consists of all the forms the driver needs to complete and sign as part of a DOT driver file. If you have other forms you would like to add to a packet, such as a cell phone policy, we can add it to the packet for future drivers. The applicant is asked to complete the forms, along with any additional documentation required. They can upload these documents from their computer, or from their mobile device.

Go to the applicants page by clicking on Driver Applications in your User Landing.

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Hiring drivers can be a complicated process. Trying to understand everything you need for your driver to be compliant during the hiring process can be confusing. Our built in application process will streamline this making it easier on both your company and the applicant. All our forms are 100% FMCSA Compliant, and our system will not let a driver fill out a form incorrectly. We'll run your MVR's (Motor Vehicle Roports) and PSP's (Pre-employment Safety Performance) for you to review before you decide on hiring. Once you hire your driver there is no more running those Safety Performance Histories (SPH's) because we do it for you with our built in automatic SPH process. 

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