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Here you have access to all your equipment information and equipment files. From Cab Cards to Lease Agreements and even equipment specific permits. View just the Active equipment, or look up any old equipment that is Inactive. No matter if the equipment is active or inactive, the system will never purge any information. It is there forever. From this screen you can go to the green buttons in the upper left hand corner and click on maintenance or add some new equipment. 

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During an Audit you need to present the auditor a list of all your active and inactive equipment for the last 365 days. Here we provide an easy way of doing this. Just create a PDF or Excel spreadsheet by clicking one of the blue buttons at the bottom of the list.  

Below is an example of the equipment page

By clicking on one of the units above you will be taken to that units equipment page. Here is all the information on that particular unit. You will also notice at the bottom the blue buttons forCredentials (cab cards), Equipment Specific Permits, Title and Lease Agreements. When you click on these you will find the documents for this unit. 

© 2016-2019 Our Safety Department LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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