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TransTex has it own Drug Consortium that is part of our Safety Compliance Program. For companies with 10 or more drivers we can set you up with your own pull group so you can meeting the minimum requirements needed by the FMCSA.

Our Software program can manage drug and alcohol testing programs. As experts in trucking safety and compliance, we provide one simple solution to help manage your drug and alcohol program.

Our D&A Management Program provides:

  • A D&A policy template provided at no cost to you.

  • Pre-employment drug testing.

  • Manage your random drug & alcohol testing program.

Additional services include:

  • Reasonable suspicion training for your supervisors. (this option is available for an additional fee)

Leave the hassle of complying with complicated drug and alcohol regulations to us. We work to keep your business driving without disruption.

By clicking on the Drug and Alcohol button in your User Landing you will find all things to do with

Drug and Alcohol.

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Any company policies will be found under Drug and Alcohol Policies. If your supervisors have any certifications that are required by FMCSA you can click on D&A Supervisor Certificates to find your documents. Under D&A Forms you will find your FMCSA Certificate of Consortium, your Consortium Authorization forms and any other forms your company may require for Drug and Alcohol. Any time we file a form whether it be a random notification letter, your welcome letter to drug consortium or anything else that has to do with your Drug and Alcohol, we will file it under Quarterly files so you have an accurate time line of when something was filed.  

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