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Summar Financial is a no-hassle funding company. For over 16 years, they have served more than 5000 clients, financing more than $5 billion.


They simplify the funding process for small carriers so they can reach their full potential for growth, offering them transparent pricing with no chargebacks and a highly personalized hand-held service.

Summar offers Transtex clients and friends their Premium Care Package, which includes:


  • Non-recourse factoring plus their credit guarantee, which means less risk and more coverage in cases of non-payment.

  • No reserve programs

  • No hidden fees

  • No monthly minimum requirements

  • Discounted Fuel Card Program

  • Unlimited credit checks

  • Unlimited Invoice Creation

  • Collection services (including brokers without credit approval)

  • No long-term contracts

  • Extended hours

  • Load-Tech TMS, a $59 monthly fee, complimentary to their clients. Its features include:

    • Quick and easy set-up

    • Better communication with truck drivers

    • Detailed rate per mile calculator

    • Easy assignation and real-time tracking of your loads

    • Consolidation of the data needed for tax calculation

    • Faster transactions with brokers, shippers, and your factoring company

    • Seamless control of the costs per journey

    • An effortless request of fuel advances

Learn more about factoring and Summar’s services here.

Learn more about factoring and Summar’s services here.

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